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AC Power Adapter for Samsung Laptop


AC Power Adapter for Samsung Laptop

90 Watts, 19 Volts, 4.74 Amps

5.5mm x 3.0mm Round

Out of Stock


Works With:

A series A10

GT6000, GT7000, GT8000, GT9000 series

M series M50, M55, M70

M40, M40 Plus Series

NP-M50, M70 Series

NP-P50, NP-P60

NP-Q1, NP-Q35, NP-Q40, NP-Q45, NP-Q70

NP-Q320 Series


NP-R410, NP-P410,NP-Q208H,NP-P208H,NP-Q308H

NP-R50 Series


NP-R507 Series

NP-X1, NP-X22, NP-X60 Series


NT-X1 Series

P series P10, P20 (NP20), P25 (NP25), P50, P55, P60, P200, P560

P20. P25, P27, P28, P29, P30, P35 Series

P400 (90W Adapter for frequency is Over 2.0GHz CPU)

P410, P510 and P560

P500 (Only for over 2GHz Clock-Speed CPU)

Q1, Q10, Q20, Q25, Q30, Q35, Q40, Q70 Series

R series R20 Plus, R45, R55,R60, R65, R70, R560, R610, R700

Rf510, Rf710

SP28 Series


T series T10

V series V20, V25 (for models less then 2.5GHZ, and requiring 19V 4.74A)

V20, V25 Series

VM8000, VM8100 series

X series X1, X05, X10, X11, X15, X20, X22, X25, X30, X50, X60, X65

AC Power Adapter for Samsung Laptop


AC Power Adapter for Samsung Laptop

40 Watts, 19 Volts, 2.1 Amps

3.0mm x 1.0mm Round

In Stock



Works With:

Samsung 900X3B

Samsung NP305U1A

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