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AC Power Adapter for Panasonic Laptop


AC Power Adapter for Panasonic Laptop

60 Watts, 16 Volts, 4.0 Amps

6.0mm x 4.4mm Round

Out of Stock


Works With:

CF-0 Series: CF-01

CF-1 Series: CF-17, CF-170

CF-2 Series: CF-25, CF-27, CF-270, CF-28

CF-3 Series: CF-34, CF-35, CF-37, CF-380

CF-4 Series: CF-41, CF-42, CF-45, CF-47, CF-48

CF-6 Series: CF-61, CF-62, CF-63

CF-7 Series: CF-71, CF-72

CF-M Series: CF-M31, CF-M32, CF-M34

CF-T Series: CF-T1

CF-V Series: CF-V41

Raven Series: Raven RNE 3SX

ToughBook 1 Series: 1, 17, 18

ToughBook 2 Series: 25, 27, 28

ToughBook 3 Series: 34, 35, 37

ToughBook 4 Series: 45, 47, 48

ToughBook 6 Series: 61, 62

ToughBook 7 Series: 71, 72

ToughBook CF Series: CF-25, CF-27, CF-37, CF-45, CF-47, CF-48, CF-71, CF-V45

ToughBook M Series: M34

ToughBook V Series: V21, V25, V41

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