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With years of experience in laptop repairs, North Van Laptop offers now a wide range of data recovery services.

Fast Verification

2-3 Days Data

Recovery Service

FROM: Desktop and Laptop Hard Drives, Solid-State Drive, iPods,
iPads, USB Sticks, Flash Drives, iPhones, Smart Phones and Tablets

ANY FILE SYSTEM: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS
Data Recovery Cases
Case # Type of device Problems and verification results Data Recovery Budget Estimated Elapsed time Feedback from Client
18418 MiniStation External HDD

Problem found:
- the hard drive connection is affected,
- hard drive inclosure is damaged

Repair estimation is $57

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$57 1 hour
18453 external hard drive 975804212400431

Problems found:
- the hard drive doesn't recognized on Windows SMART test software
- doesn’t detects on Mac Operating System or Linux Operating System
- the hard drive makes noises while connects externally for verification
- scanning on DATA Recovery Equipment gives logic a physical errors

Repair needed:
- logic errors and physical failures need to be repaired
- faulty parts, degrading reading heads, might need replacement
- pass scanning on Data Recovery Equipment to verify hard drive files structure
- after repair completed, accessible data can be transfer to any working storage devices ( provide by customer or we can provide)

Repair explanation procedure:

At first attempt:
We can try to recover the data from healthy part of hard drive.
But the structure of hard drive won't be kept and files name might be renamed.
In most cases files will be named in group on digits.
In case the data you expect will be recovered than we can stay in the lowest price estimation $350.
Attempt to recover from healthy part of hard drive takes 2-5 days.

Second attempt:
Hard Drive isn’t accessible due to the poor health of reading heads,
The degrading heads can still perform but when we do the initial testing they run very slow.
We can see the structure of hard drive, but can’t get to the information.
Due to the faulty reading heads, the reading head or heads need replacement.
In that case the repair of the Physical failure will involve next steps:
- order and replacing affected parts
- re-imaging of hard drive
- verification of files structure
- getting access to the information
- prepare to transfer information to a customer data storage.
Repair process takes between 5 - 10 business days.
Repair estimation is between $400 - 650 + donor parts, approximately $150.

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between $350 - $800 between 2-10 days
18554 Sandisk 32GB microSD memory card

Problem comes from Physical failure of Flash controller.
The repair will involve:
- unsolder failed part
- create virtual controller
- attempt to create an image of flash drive content
- get acces to the data on memory storage
Estimate repair budget is between $400 to a $600. Repair takes 4 - 10 business days, depend on complexity of case.

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between $400 - $600 4 - 10 days

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4 Reasons to Bring us Your Media For Data Recovery

1.  Recovering the widest range of

In today's modern world we save data and valuable information to all types of devices. Fortunately North Van Laptop has the ability to recover data from the widest of product ranges.

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • SSD Data Recovery
  • iPods Player Data Recovery
  • USB Sticks & Flash Drive Data Recovery
  • Mobile Phone Data Recovery
  • Tablets Data Recovery

2.  Free diagnosis, no data — no fee.

All data recovery services work under-taken by North Van Laptop is under Free diagnosis and a no recovery no-fee policy. if we can't recover data, then there is no fee for you to pay.

3.  Data Security

Data security is a key part of the data recovery process. We regard it as one of our most critical responsibilities. For clients that specially request it, we can sign a Non-disclosure agreement. But, you should know that with or without an agreement, your data is completely secure. Media is kept in high-security Safe during non-working hours; Safe resists all forms of intruder attack, as well as fire, food and earthquake. No copy of your data is kept on site after your recovery is complete.

4.  Fast Verification — Fast Data

We do free verification within 24 hours. Average data recovery turnaround time is 2-3 days. We have in stock wide range of used and new laptop parts so you do not need to wait for parts to be ordered and shipped. To start data recovery just bring or ship your laptops to North Van Laptop store.

Our Fees   |   Get a Quote

Data Recovery service charges:

Verification — FREE
Logical failure model Laptop or Desktop hard drive data recovery ... $228
Physical failure model Laptop or Desktop or Desktop hard drive data recovery ... $399
Flash Drive or Memory Card data recovery ... $228
SSD data recovery ... $399
iPhone, iPod, iPad data recovery ... $399

Data Recovery charges are based on the job complexities are related to:

Types of disk (interface, model and size)
Failure models
Types of operating system
User attempts before sending
Any special user's requirements

*Service rates subject to vary
depending on each laptop.

Repair quote request form:

*All fields required

Please review below some common data access failures that can repair for you

Common Laptop or Desktop hard drive failure symptoms:

  • The hard disk is undetectable or not recognized at all by the Windows or Mac OS
  • Windows or Mac OS fails to boot or extremely slow hang in booting process
  • Clicking sounds or noise is arising from hard drive
  • "No boot device" message
  • Files and Folders become invisible or inaccessible by the user
  • Computer crashes and restarts

Common Flash Drives or Memory Cards failure symptoms:

  • Not recognized error
  • Freeze the computer
  • Requests to "Initialize" or to "Format"
  • Lost or accidentally deleted files stored on the USB stick or Memory Card
  • Problems reading or writing files or data to the USB stick or Memory Card
  • No power to the USB memory stick
  • Physical damage

Common SSD failure symptoms:

  • No boot device message
  • Physical damage

Common iPhone, iPod, iPad data access failure symptoms:

  • Water damage
  • Does not start up past Apple logo
  • Appears frozen or unresponsive
  • Is unable to "Slide to Unlock" or "Slide to Power Off"
  • Corrupt iTunes back up

Common SmartPhones and Tablets ata access failure symptoms:

  • Water damages
  • Device may be infected with malware
  • Spontaneously crash and lose precious data
  • Problem with the SD card controller software
  • Random rebooting

In the event of data loss, it is important to think clearly and keep cool.

  • Shut down your computer.
  • Do not try to restart it
  • Do not try to recover data yourself. You could lose your data completely.
  • Even restarting your computer can cause permanent damage in some instances.
  • If you've lost critical data. North Van Laptop recovery service is your best ans safest option.
  • Never assume data is unrecoverable.
  • North Van Laptop has successfully recovered data from hundreds of devices with extreme physical and logical damage.

Data Recovery Service Conditions.

  • Please note the Data Recovery charge within the quotation is based on retrieval of any data not all data (or specified data). Should you require specific data recovered and it is technically possible, North Van Laptop may be able to provide a data list of visible data, please discuss this with your Data Recovery Advisors upon submission.
  • Please note that if a donor drive is required for part replacement we will quote on this as required. If the recovery is not successful ager a donor has been purchased, the price of the donor drive and/or labor will be deductible.
  • Please note North Van Laptop provided a Data recovery service not a System Restore service.
  • Please also be aware that once the recovered data has been placed on a drive, this drive will not have an operating system and therefore not a bootable drive.
  • Please note that any unit sent in for Data Recovery evaluation may need to be opened by the North Van Laptop Data Recovery team in a controlled environment, North Van Laptop reserves the right to do this as required.

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